Best for: All levels

Beginners will enjoy the Scribbr Stater Pack, a fast way to get started with editing macros. More advanced automation users will appreciate the linked video tutorials and workshops covering more ways to use macros.

And, MultiSwitch, our favorite editing macro, is suitable for all skill levels. You'll find both beginner and more advanced MultiSwitch resources inside. 


  • 1


    • What you'll find inside

    • What's a macro?

  • 2

    Scribbr Starter Pack

    • Welcome to the Scribbr Starter Pack

    • Starter pack install instructions: Mac

    • Starter Pack install instructions: PC

    • Starter Pack demo video

    • The macros

    • Need more help?

  • 3


    • Intro to MultiSwitch

    • Installing MultiSwitch

    • The MultiSwitch macro

    • Advanced MultiSwitch resources

    • MultiSwitch companion macros

  • 4

    Troubleshooting macros

    • Tips for troubleshooting

    • Back up and restore your editing macros and autocorrect comments