About the course

To all our macro mavens: Are you looking for some inspiration? This resource is for you!

It isn't a traditional course. Rather, it's a repository of all the wonderful VBA macros Scribbr editors have created for other Scribbr editors over the years. It's a great resource, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Here's what you'll find inside:

  • 📚 Table of contents: To help you get organized, a rundown of all the macros in this repository. 
  • 🗂 Macro code: Each macro has its own lesson, complete with a description and the full VBA code. 
  • 💌 Wish list: Have ideas for macros but don't see them in this course? Add them to our wish list at the end, and hopefully one of our talented creators will pick up the idea! 

Let's help each other learn and grow as editors. We believe that innovating your workflow is how you stay sharp, whether you've been editing for one year or ten – and we're on a mission to promote knowledge exchange and best practice sharing among editors. Join us!  😊

Best for: Intermediate & Advanced

This macro collection is best for those editors who already have some experience using editing macros. If you're a complete macro newbie, we recommend first checking out our beginner guide, Scribbr Starter Pack and more editing macros


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    • What's inside? 👀

    • Table of contents

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    VBA macros for Scribbr editors

    • HyphenToSpace (new)

    • GoogleScholarFetchQuotes

    • ChangeCommentAuthor (new)

    • Add quotes around a word based on dialect (modification to PB macro)

    • Change comma to dash based on dialect (modification to PB macro)

    • Pluralize Greek and Latin words (new macro)

    • Singularise (new macro)

    • Pluralise (modification to PB’s macro)

    • Case-this-word (modification to PB’s macro CaseNextWord)

    • TrackChangeDisplayFullOrSimple

    • Comma

    • MarkupToOriginal

    • MultiSwitch Companion - MultiSwitchAddEntry

    • MultiSwitch Companion - MultiSwitchGetBack

    • Remove German quotes (modification)

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    Macro wish list

    • Macro wish list